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G . R . Tomaini is an LGBTQ Federal McNair Scholar. His academic monograph on Philosophy, Encyclopedia of American Idealism: Entries Toward a Novel System of Philosophy is forthcoming from Manticore Press; one of his four full-length poetry manuscripts was recently accepted for publication by A Thin Slice of Anxiety Press -- Ballad of An American Ganymede; the work consists of 57 poems in the manner of Queer Existentialist Poetry inspired by Heidegger and Sartre. Two of his other books of poetry recently have been accepted for publication by Pumpernickel Press, to be published jointly under the title: The Rainbow Cantos: Two Attempts At Queering The Canon; the two books of poetry that have been accepted are Kiss Me, Ahab! and Gayowulf. Tomaini’s poems are featured in Outcast Press's magazine, Selcouth Station Press's journal, Agapanthus Collective's poetry line-up, Roi Fainéant Press's website, and in a mini-publication by The Incognito Press.

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G . R . Tomaini is an LGBTQ Federal McNair Fellow who studies Systematic Theology at Union Theological Seminary, who previously studied Philosophy at Rutgers University -- New Brunswick. He recently finished a monograph in academic philosophy -- the volume is entitled: Encyclopedia of American Idealiam: Entries Toward a Novel System of Philosophy: Epistemology, Metaphysics, Cognitive Science, Phenomenology, Aesthetics, Ethics, and Politics; the work is forthcoming from Manticore Press. The volume could serve as a proto-dissertation, which is to say that Tomaini wrote up a first draft of his dissertation some six years before it was due. After writing that volume, he began work on a novella in verse: Kiss Me , Ahab ! : An LGBTQ Novella In One Hundred And Twenty Cantos, about the American LGBTQ College Experience and American Nursing Home Experience; Kiss Me , Ahab ! makes over 550 allusions to canonical artists, playwrights, novelists, and poets -- making it a commentary on the Western Tradition. Having finished Kiss Me , Ahab !, Tomaini immediately began work on Ballad of An American Ganymede: Or, Explorations of Queeritude In Fifty-Seven Cantos; Ballad of An American Ganymede is a collection of poetry about the American Gay Experience in general; Ballad of An American Ganymede is forthcoming from A Thin Slice of Anxiety Press. After Ballad of An American Ganymede, Tomaini began work on Je Suis Pierrot: An Autobiographical Jazz Operetta In 61 Modal Sonnets, which too is a collection of poetry. In Je Suis Pierrot, Tomaini employed a new methodology for writing poetry: modal poetry, or poems that focus on specific modalities; thus, Je Suis Pierrot is a work of modal poetry that contains sixty one modal sonnets, and is also a reflection on foolhood; aesthetic modalism is an artistic and literary methodology that Tomaini coined, that is inspired by the metaphysical thought of Martin Heidegger and Jacques Derrida. Now, Tomaini is currently workshopping The Manhattan Trilogy: Or, Three Plays. Those three plays are: Capital On Trial, Lolita In Times Square, and Trouble In The Village. These plays grapple with issues inherent to social problems such as Late Capitalism, Climate Change, and Coronavirus. In his spare time, he is working on a few projects that extend into multiple genres. Pushkin’s Duel: Or, The Story of Pushkin’s Demise is the most intricate of these genre-bending projects. The second subtitle of Pushkin’s Duel explains what the work is all about: it is Instructions In Modal Poetry Toward An Installed Art Exhibition The Witnessing of Which Is Participation In A Modal Drama. If there can be modal poetry, so too can there be modal drama; Pushkin’s Duel is both a modal poem and a modal drama, as well as a work of modal art. Therefore, Pushkin’s Duel is a set of poems that function as instructions for setting up an art installation in a gallery; once the art installation is experienced by the gallery-goer, it will be revealed to the gallery-goer that by witnessing the art installation they have in fact participated in an immersive play of which they were a starring character. In that way, Pushkin’s Duel is really a work of fourth-dimensional art, because it leaps from poetry on a page, to an installed art exhibition, to an immersive play involving the consciousness of the spectator. Gayowulf: An LGBTQ Epic Poem In Fifty-Four Cantos was the fourth book of poetry that Tomaini finished. It is a queer re-imagination of the Beowulf epic; Gayowulf consists of fifty four sonnets which altogether make up the epic. Tomaini is also giving serious thought to morphing his projects into independent films. Currently, Tomaini is working on his fifth book of poetry, which will be titled Paragons of Love: Three Lives In Poetry: Mohandas K. Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Nelson Mandela. Tomaini is also studying under Drs. Cornel West, Gary Dorrien, and Serene Jones at Union Theological Seminary. Thus, Tomaini is an LGBTQ philosopher, poet, artist, and playwright.