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G.R. Tomaini is a First-Generation LGBTQ Federal McNair Scholar, an Artist, Poet, Theologian, and Systematic Philosopher, as well as an author of ten books who graduated with a Master’s degree in Systematic Philosophical Theology from Union Theological Seminary in Manhattan, and is a Poetry Editor at The Incognito Press, as well as a Monthly Contributor to the same; he is also an Editor of the Philosophy Journal Tongue, rooted in Boston, Massachusetts; thus far, six works of his have been published across five volumes. He has also produced over 70 drawings and paintings. His academic monograph on Philosophy, entitled Encyclopedia of American Idealism: Entries Toward a Novel Method and System of Philosophy was published with Manticore Press for its first edition; it is prefaced by Cornel West as well as endorsed by Slavoj Žižek. Three of Tomaini’s academic references are Dr. Cornel West, Dr. Slavoj Žižek, and Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak. Tomaini’s Master’s Thesis, the Tractatus Perfectio-Philosophicus, translates from Latin to: Treatise On Philosophical Perfection, and was accepted for publication only three days after it was finished. One of Tomaini's seven completed full-length poetry manuscripts was recently published by Anxiety Press -- Ballad of An American Ganymede: Or, Explorations of Queeritude In Fifty Seven Cantos; the work consists of fifty seven poems in the manner of Queer Existentialist Poetry inspired by Heidegger and Sartre. Two more of his other books of poetry recently have been published by Pumpernickel Press, under the title: The Rainbow Cantos: Two Attempts At Queering The Canon; the two works of poetry that were published in the same volume are Kiss Me, Ahab!: A Queer Novella Across One Hundred and Twenty Cantos and Gayowulf: An LGBTQ Epic Poem Inspired By Beowulf. Tomaini’s poems are featured in Outcast Press's magazine, Selcouth Station Press's journal, Agapanthus Collective's poetry line-up,  Roi Fainéant Press's website, in a mini-publication by The Incognito Press, in an anthology published by the American Writers Review, and most recently, on Expat Press’s website. Two of Tomaini's poetry works are The Ingenious Knight, Don Tomaini of New York City: A Postmodern Autobiography In Sixty One Sonnets and The Psalms of Babylon: Or, 112 Flowers of Malaise (Indigo Dragon Press, 2023). Three of Tomaini's most celebrated poems are: Ode To My Butt In These Jeans, A Love Poem By Ahab Candomblé, and Et Tu, Brooklyn Twink? Tomaini's sixth poetry book is being published under a pseudonym for dramatic effect. Tomaini’s seventh book of poetry is entitled Paragons of Love: Lives In Sonnets of Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Nelson Mandela, and is dedicated to Cornel West, Tomaini’s mentor and professor of five classes. Tomaini is currently in the process of recording several Poetry Albums based on his seven books of Poetry; what’s more, Tomaini is also converting a few of his Poetry books into stage-plays. Tomaini's works can be found at as well as on his Twitter profile, @Gtomaini.

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