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Most Treasured Love !

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Who comes this way ? Ah ! It is you --

most treasured love of mine ! A gift !

How you are a splendid gift in my life !

My Earth revolves around your Sun !

Nobody understands me but you . . .

You will sit and have tea with me ?

My beloved confidante ! A blessing !

How you are a blessing unto me !

Few people compare to your depth . . .

only you are worthy of these praises !

It is time for you to go ? Oh no ! No !

Close love -- how I am heartbroken !

Until next we meet , my fantastic love !

Oh good -- is that motherfucker gone ?

I hate that scumbag motherfucker !

I spit on their grave ! Curse them !

May they die young and penniless --

I said I loathe that dumb motherfucker !

[Published By The Incognito Press]

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