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Book #3: The Ingenious Knight , Don Tomaini of New York City (Unpublished)

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

My Dearest Readers—,

I greet you with both trepidation and anticipation as I embark on this sacred journey of introducing you to the depths of my soul, encapsulated within the pages of "The Ingenious Knight, Don Tomaini of New York City: A Postmodern Autobiography In Sixty-One Sonnets." I invite you to join me on this extraordinary odyssey, as we navigate the intricacies of my existence through the lens of poetic expression. For sure, the title is meant to invoke themes from the canonical Don Quixote in order to highlight moments within my own experience.

Within these verses, I peel back the layers of my identity, revealing the amalgamation of hopes, dreams, fears, and desires that shape the essence of who I am. The colorful cast of characters that traverse the stage of my life brings both chaos and solace to my existence. Together, we navigate the winding paths of camaraderie, loyalty, and the beautiful chaos that ensues.

Born and raised amidst the jester's laughter, I embraced the mantle of the fool. It is within the realm of foolishness that I have discovered profound wisdom, and it is through embracing my inner fool that I have embarked on a path of self-discovery.

The hallowed halls of academia beckon, and in this journey, I share with you the tumultuous years of my collegiate pursuits. Philosophy, the realm of endless questions and elusive truths, became my sanctuary. It was within the confines of lectures and intellectual debates that my mind blossomed, grappling with the profound mysteries of existence and searching for meaning within the enigma of life itself.

Life's journey often takes unexpected turns, and mine led me to the humble realm of the coffee shop. As a barista, I found solace amidst the clatter of cups and the aroma of roasted beans, a humble backdrop against which I continued to ponder life's enigmatic puzzles.

In the grand theater of life, I stand before you, humbled, confessing that knowledge is an elusive mistress. I embrace the stark truth that despite my philosophical studies and life experiences, I am left with the realization that I know so little. It is this admission of ignorance that becomes the catalyst for my journey, propelling me forward into the realms of self-discovery and understanding.

Dear readers, I implore you to join me on this pilgrimage through the acts and scenes of "The Ingenious Knight." Together, we shall traverse the intricacies of friendship, the trials of self-discovery, the pursuit of knowledge, and the unyielding search for meaning. Brace yourselves, for within these sixty-one sonnets lies a symphony of emotions, a tapestry of experiences that will challenge, inspire, and resonate deep within your souls.

Prepare to embark on this extraordinary adventure, where the lines between reality and imagination blur, and where the power of poetry illuminates the darkest corners of the human spirit. I invite you to open your hearts and minds, and together, let us explore the enigmatic tapestry of my life within the pages of "The Ingenious Knight."

With Absolute Fondness—,

Yours Sincerely,

G.R. Tomaini


Table of Contents:

The Ingenious Knight , Don Tomaini of New York City


A Postmodern Autobiography In Sixty One Sonnets


Table of Contents

  • Act I : Sir Gregory & His General Concerns

    • Scene I : How I Am Gregory !

    • Scene II : How Gregory ' s Friend Circle Is A Circus !

    • Scene III : How Gregory Was Born & Raised A Fool !

    • Scene IV : How Gregory Studied Philosophy In College !

    • Scene V : How Gregory Became A Barista After College !

    • Scene VI : How Gregory Knows Absolutely Nothing At All !

  • Act II : Sir Gregory & His Friends

    • Scene I : How Gregory Has No True Friends !

    • Scene II : How Gregory Befriended A Cynic !

    • Scene III : How Gregory Befriended A Dumpster Diver !

    • Scene IV : How Gregory Befriended A Grandmother !

    • Scene V : How Gregory Befriended A Nemesis !

    • Scene VI : How Gregory Befriended His Unrequited Loves !

  • Act III : Sir Gregory & His Bildungsroman

    • Scene I : How Gregory Comes From A Long Lineage of Fools !

    • Scene II : How Gregory Was A Fool In Grammar School !

    • Scene III : How Gregory Has Been A Fool Unto His Family !

    • Scene IV : How Gregory Has Been A Fool On Dating Apps !

    • Scene V : How Gregory Has Been A Fool In Love !

    • Scene VI : How Gregory Has Been A Fool Unto Himself !

  • Act IV : Sir Gregory Goes To College

    • Scene I : How Gregory Was Rejected From Harvard College !

    • Scene II : How Gregory Attended Rutgers College !

    • Scene III : How Gregory Was Suicidal For Two Years !

    • Scene IV : How Gregory Was A Fool Unto His Professors !

    • Scene V : How Gregory Met His Favorite Muse !

    • Scene VI : How Gregory Missed His Graduation !

  • Act V : Sir Gregory At The Cafe

    • Scene I : How Gregory Was A Mediocre Barista !

    • Scene II : How Gregory Hated Every Minute of The Job !

    • Scene III : How Gregory Wrote Philosophy In The Cafe !

    • Scene IV : How Gregory Wrote Poetry In The Cafe !

    • Scene V : How Gregory Quit His Job After Only Three Months !

    • Scene VI : How Gregory Met Many Interesting Fools !

  • Act VI : Sir Gregory Goes To Seminary

    • Scene I : How Gregory Prays To God !

    • Scene II : How Gregory Reads The Holy Scriptures !

    • Scene III : How Gregory Is A Mendicant !

    • Scene IV : How Gregory Meditates !

    • Scene V : How Gregory Reads Tarot Cards !

    • Scene VI : How Gregory Is Waiting For God !

  • Act VII : Sir Gregory Fools Around Coney Island

    • Scene I : How Gregory Blends In With The Clowns !

    • Scene II : How Gregory Rides The Bumper Cars !

    • Scene III : How Gregory Walks The Boardwalk !

    • Scene IV : How Gregory Fishes On The Pier !

    • Scene V : How Gregory Loves Boardwalk Treats !

    • Scene VI : How Gregory Gazes From The Ferris Wheel !

  • Act VIII : Sir Gregory Means Business

    • Scene I : How Gregory Blows His Money !

    • Scene II : How Gregory Maxes Out His Credit Cards !

    • Scene III : How Gregory Wonders What Money Is !

    • Scene IV : How Gregory Drives A Clown Car !

    • Scene V : How Gregory Will Never Get A Mortgage !

    • Scene VI : How Gregory Cannot Understand Economics !

  • Act IX : Sir Gregory Goes To Asbury Park

    • Scene I : How Gregory Looks Like Tilly !

    • Scene II : How Gregory Swims In The Ocean !

    • Scene III : How Gregory Surfs Clumsily !

    • Scene IV : How Gregory Loves His Old Friends !

    • Scene V : How Gregory Loathes Luxury Condos !

    • Scene VI : How Gregory Despises Gentrification !

  • Act X : Sir Gregory In The Mirror

    • Scene I : How Gregory Takes Off His Jingly Hat !

    • Scene II : How Gregory Takes Off His Clown Shoes !

    • Scene III : How Gregory Takes Off His Clown Robes !

    • Scene IV : How Gregory Washes Off His Face Paint !

    • Scene V : How Gregory Stands Nude Before The Mirror !

    • Scene VI : How Gregory Cries Before the Mirror !

  • Epilogue

    • Scene I : How Gregory Repeats The Cycle !

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